Griff T

Faultless from start to finish

  • Source: Autotrader
  • Vehicle: Tesla Model S

I am OCD and exceptionally picky, some might say pedantic, so the though of buying a used car fills me with fear especially during lockdown when physical viewings aren't possible. I knew the model that I wanted and once I had started the conversation with R Symons I couldn't have asked for a more honest and open approach to them selling the vehicle with them highlighting both the good points and where some minor attention was needed. This gave me the confidence to purchase remotely and when delivered the vehicle was exactly as described, the handover was perfect with all anti-covid measures taken to clean the inside of the vehicle and even the pen used to sign the handover document. after handover i have had to call a couple of times to ask routine questions about how the vehicle works (Tesla!) and have been helped at every stage. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend R Symons to anyone considering a purchase. G Thomas