David K

Utterly brilliant team..

  • Source: Autotrader

Teslas are different of course. And they need real expertise to explain not only how they work, but the subtle differences in specification and what that might mean to you. The team at R Symons have expertise that borders between keen enthusiast and utter nerd. They have excellent, , abundant and well presented stock, comfy sofas and reasonable coffee. If you get there too early, there’s a brilliant breakfast/brunch cafe run by an amiable Scotsman from Inverness just up the road. Well priced additions from ceramic coatings, de-chroming and a good selection of dark coloured wheels. In the end I didn’t quite get the car of my dreams, but compromised and got a great car for a good price. It’s been a pleasant and pleasurable experience and I look forward to upgrading with the team here in a few years.