About R Symons LTD

Welcome to R Symons LTD - Car enthusiasts, vehicle sales and now one of the UK's leading electric car specialists.  There are plenty of garages selling electric cars now but not many actually know a great deal about them. We are the refreshing difference and our knowledge you should find exceeds that of anyone else. 

A bit about me...

I am unlike almost any other vehicle trader you are likely to meet. I set up my business because I am a true car enthusiast and I love buying and selling great cars and helping people find the right car for them.

Initially, as a young lad, I completed a degree in design but my ambitions to become a car designer were hard to fulfil. Over time the path of life lead me into the world of software where I was a UK director for an excellent company, but I had to step down from this job to commit time for family life upon the arrival of our daughter 2009. It was then in 2010 that I basically converted a hobby into a living and I’ve been playing with cars full time ever since!

More recently I’ve become a real fan of electric cars and have been running my own 100% electric car since 2015. Yes… a ‘petrol head’ owning an electric car..! It is possible, and they’re great. We need to change, climate change is real, and this is a really positive step forward for sustainable personal transport. I’ll happily talk at length to any sceptics on the matter and I’m sure I’ll help convince you it’s a great way forward.

With any car I sell or any advice I give, I pride myself on being honest, transparent and refreshingly different from your stereotypical car dealer. You will receive a friendly, personal, helpful and professional service. Even if you just want to call and chat about cars or ask for some advice - no problem!

Richard Symons


Also in the team

Simon Jones - Managing Director, my right hand man. He's an adaptable guy, friendly, enthusiastic and now also very knowledgeable with electric cars. Always keen to ensure a happy customer!

Jo Webb - Head of Sales and Customer Experience. From a background in premium retail and the main point of contact for our clients.

Sergiu Cociuba - Customer Assistant and co-ordinator, from a hospitality background and always organised and attentive. Manages most of our bookings for customisation work

Mark Lichtennsteiger - Our man in charge of how the cars are presented. Appraisels, valeting, and helping co-ordinate repair work. Takes pride in work and always trying to make the cars like new again.

Rhys Jones - Driver and handy man. 

Tony Brown - Driver

Peter Harwood - Driver

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