Other Services

Brokerage / SOR - sale or return

This is a large part of our business now. I can advertise and sell your vehicle for you. I do not buy the vehicle from you until it’s sold, so it remains your property until then, but we have an agreed price you would like to achieve for your car.

This solution has the advantage of getting more money for your car than you would if you part exchange it or just sell to a trader for trade pricing, and usually more than you would sell it for privately too. At the same time saves you the hassle and risk of advertising and selling it yourself. Through myself, I can also offer prospective buyers financing options, extended warranty and their car in part exchnage. It also gives buyers the reassurance of purchasing a vehicle through a professional trader which means consumer rights are enforced, the vehicle has been professionally checked and any finance cleared.


Nationwide collection and delivery

UK transportation for collections or deliveries not a problem! We're on the south coast in Bournemouth, it's a nice place for a trip out, beautiful beaches and harbours plus the New Forest is on our doorstep. It's why I like to live here, and commercial premises are also cheaper than London (where I used to live) but appreciate being at the bottom of the country isn't the most convenient for everyone. We are just over an hour from London by car or train, and 25 minutes form Southampton airport which provides some handy flights to other UK destinations. However, if you do not want to make the trip to see us, we can happily collect yand deliver cars.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

For any car you buy, a wheel refinishing service is available. Bring your Tesla (or other car) to us for a professional wheel refurbishment. For cars we are selling usually this is carried out pre-sale as part of the preparation process but for some cars I prefer to let the buyer choose the desired finish and have them freshly refurbished prior to handover.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is a popular way to enhance the look of your car, increase security and providing shade to children in the back. Different shades are available from just a slight tint to complete limo one-way tint.

Bodywork repairs

Our experienced paint team can efficiently correct minor blemishes and battle scars.







Chrome Delete 

  • De-chrome or chrome delete is a great way to change the look of your Tesla by wrapping all the chrome trims in a vinyl. Usually in satin black or gloss black.
  • In the process of wrapping, the front and back T badges along with the chrome trim above the plate on a Tesla, can’t be wrapped so they will be spray painted. We dismantle the mirrors and wrap the mirrors in such a way that you can hardly tell it's been wrapped. 
  • Out team have the experience and knowledge both in wrapping and Teslas in general, so you can stay assured that the results are of great quality and done in a professional way that sets us apart from others.
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