Tesla Models and their typical ranges!

  • Published: 4 October 2020

When the range is tested on an electric vehicle, the conditions don’t always simulate what driving on a real road is like. SO it’s always good to take advertised ranges with a grain of salt. Ranges can be affected by all things from cold weather through to how you’re driving the car. We’ve put together this list of the closest “real world’ ranges on the Tesla models.


Tesla Model S

70D - 229 Miles

75 - 240 Miles

75D - 251 Miles

85 - 244 Miles

85D - 265 Miles

P85D - 252 Miles

90D - 284 Miles

P90D 272 Miles

100D - 319 Miles

P100D - 303 Miles


Tesla Model X

90D - 251 Miles

P90D - 240 Miles

100D - 291 Miles

P100D - 244 Miles


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