Tesla 'Easter Eggs' and how to find them!

  • Published: 4 October 2020

Tesla, unlike other electric vehicle manufacturers, like to keep us on our feet with quirky features.  Here’s a list of some of the easter eggs that can be found on your Tesla! 

  • Rainbow Road - Pull the autopilot lever towards you four times, and the road on your dashboard cluster will appear as Rainbow Road, just like in Mariokart! 
  • Surface of Mars - Hold down the Tesla logo and enter the access code ‘Mars’.  This will turn the Nav Map on the MCU into the surface of Mars.  
  • Christmas - In the Model X Hold down the Tesla ’T’, enter “Holiday” and you'll be treated to a Model Xmas show.  It will flash its lights and play ‘Wizards in Winter’ through the speakers. Also, on the subject of Christmas, you can say ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ into the voice commander, and the Tesla on the Cluster will turn into Santa!

Don’t forget, you can also access all the fun Tesla easter eggs by pressing the Tesla logo ate the top of the screen to access the ‘Toybox’.