Plug In Hybrids

  • Published: 4 October 2020

Vauxhall Ampera - Electric Range: 30-40 miles.

We love these cars and have enjoyed selling many examples. All of your local driving can be carried out using solely electric power, but for those longer journeys an efficient 1.4 petrol engine is utilised and acts as a power generator. Average MPG can be in the hundreds!


Mitsubishi Outlander - Electric Range: 20-25 miles.

Comfortable, smooth, solid and reliable, plus they are the only plug in hybrid which can have a tow bar fitment. Outlanders have all the convenience features you need including: Bluetooth phone connectivity, Climate Control, Cruise Control and Sat Nav.


Volkswagen Golf GTE - Electric Range: 20-25 miles.

Achieving up to 25 miles on purely electric power before the engine is required.

Capable of fantastic MPG as well as GTi type performance, not to mention Zero Charge in both London congestion Zone and ULEZ! These plug-in Hybrids have amazing features including Apple Car Play.


Audi E-Tron: 25-30 miles.

The 1.4-litre TFSI engine and electric motor combine to develop a Golf GTI-worrying 0-62mph of 7.6 seconds! More importantly than the 0-60 time is the fact that this car can return up to 176.6mpg! On a full charge in pure electric mode you can travel around 30 miles so, no need to use any fuel at all for local journeys.