Making the Switch, Range Anxiety, Charging, Our FAQ’s

  • Published: 4 October 2020

Battery Degradation: This unfortunately is a part of owning an electric car, as our phone batteries degrade over the years our vehicle batteries do too. However, most electric car manufacturers come with an 8 year warranty on the batteries, and as the world of electric motoring progresses, battery repairs are becoming easier and easier to fix.


Range Anxiety: Fuel combustion drivers don’t have to worry as much about their car running out of fuel, as fuel stations are everywhere in the UK. Therefore, fully electric car drivers do need to be weary of how they drive. Helpful apps such as Zap Map, can help you to guide you to your nearest chargers, so you can plan your journey around the stops where you will need to charge. If range anxiety is a big worry for you when choosing an electric vehicle, why not go for a plug-in hybrid as your first electric car? Or explore some of the Longer range options!


Charging: It honestly really is very simple! Just plug your car in at home or on a destination charger, and leave it to charge! Of course there are a few different types of output and chargers, but we would be happy to talk you through, and assist with any queries regarding charging.


Servicing Costs: The upside of owning an electric car, is there are far less moving parts that need servicing, than in a fuel combustion car! This means cheaper servicing costs. Manufacturers such as Tesla, don’t even have a recommended servicing plan, however the option is still there if you want it!