How to adapt your driving to extend range of your Electric Vehicle

  • Published: 4 October 2020

It can be a big jump from combustion to electric, and as your car changes, your driving style changes too. There are many different things you can do to adapt your driving style to extend the range on your electric vehicle.  Here’s a few things you can try…


Limiting use of Air Con:  Having the AirCon blaring will certainly make your electric vehicle less efficient, as this is requiring more power from the battery.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make use of your cars great features, but if you are trying to conserve range towards the end of your journey, it might be a good idea to turn off the blowers! 


Heated Seats:  Just like the Air Con, if your range is running low, maybe try not to make use of the heated seats.  As this requires more power from the battery.  Also, if it’s only you travelling in the car, or just you and another passenger, make sure that only seats that are in use, have the heating switched on. 


Make use of regenerative braking and avoid aggressive braking: In some electric vehicles and hybrids, there is the option to have regenerative braking turned off.  If you want to improve and increase your range, then make sure this is turned on!  Regenerative braking will ensure extra power is being fed back into the battery.