Fully Charged Electric Vehicle Expo - North America

  • Published: 4 October 2020

We were lucky enough to recently attend the Fully Charged North America Expo in Austin, Texas! We got to check out the latest technology in the world of electric vehicles. Here are some of our Highlights:


Rivian - A brand new electric vehicle manufacturer launching two models in the coming months. A pick-up truck and defender style adventure vehicle, perfect for camping and exploring. The vehicles are sustainably produced and boast fantastic ranges.


Porsche Taycan - The hotly anticipated fully electric example from Porsche has garnered a lot of Hype in the world of electric vehicles. Classic Porsche engineering and design with a great electric range of around 200 miles.


Classic Converts - A new development in the EV world is the ever becoming popular method of converting classic vehicles into full EVs, it’s becoming a massive emerging market. There were showcases of a Porsche 9/11 and even a classic mini, both turned fully electric.


The main thing we can take away from this show, is that even in a historically petrol Mad state like Texas, Electric Vehicles are starting to make waves and raising awareness on the detrimental environmental impact of combustion engines. And you don’t have to compromise style and purpose to go fully electric!