Electric Vehicles Vs. Fuel

  • Published: 4 October 2020

Still wondering whether an electric vehicle is for you? Take a look below at some of these comparisons on costs and emissions!


Cost — Although the up-front cost of an electric vehicle, may seem more than what you’re used to paying. However, you’re set to save money on fuel, tax, and congestion zone charges! All in all, electric cars are estimated to cost at least 10p less per mile than petrol cars!


Emissions — In recent studies it has been found that electric vehicles produce near on half of the CO2 emissions of ICE vehicles, even when taking into account the production of the batteries. Not to mention, many UK cities are starting to instil bans on diesel vehicles.


Comfort — The sounds inside of an electric vehicle is unique, mostly because there is barely any noise! No engine revving, just the almost silent sound of the motor whirring away.


Less Maintenance - Electric vehicles tend to have hundreds of LESS moving parts compared to Petrol or Diesel Cars. This means less to to go wrong and less parts needing to be serviced.