Aerodynamics to improve Range

  • Published: 4 October 2020

When designers are working on new and improved electric vehicles, Aerodynamics have a huge part to play, considering one of their main goals is designing a car which will have minimal implications on the range. 

It’s proven that even small things such as wing mirrors can increase drag on the car and decrease efficiency on the range by up to 5% during motorway driving.  That’s why manufacturers such as Audi are coming up with smaller more aero wing mirrors on the designs of their new electric vehicles. 


Here are a few other things that vehicle designers will take into account when designing the latest electric vehicle: 


  • Wings and spoilers to allow for more sleek design. 
  • Door Handles:  All of Teslas Models and the attractive Jaguar I-Pace all have concealed door handles, to improve airflow around the car, increasing efficiency. 
  • Radiators and Heat escape from the front of the car also increase air flow.